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Claim Your Feminine Authority

As a warrior woman, you're fantastic at working hard and getting things done, but if you've ever wondered if the hamster wheel has an off button, keep reading.

Conventional wisdom tells you to "be good. . . keep your head down and work hard. . . your rewards come. . . later."

While you've been waiting for your rewards to arrive, you've set high expectations for yourself. This embodies a unique skill set and requires lots of planning for every possible scenario, because there's NO TIME (or room) for mistakes.

It also happens to be extremely demanding and draining on your energy systems which prevent you from experiencing enjoyment, feeling fulfilled in your relationships, and having the good life.

It's also what I call, an Old Story which has trained your brain to be a work-horse, told you to keep your head, push through the pain, and caused lots of overthinking completely disconnecting you from your body, and all of it's intelligent warning signs or, higher intuition.

There is a way to reconnect to your higher intuition, through a process of opening your mind, releasing the habit of over-thinking, and negative thought patterns, so that you can hear and unlock your body wisdom. When your brain tells your body a New Story, then it's easy to ditch the self-doubt, overwhelm, occupational burnout, and residual stress that's taken residence inside your body. I call it The Feminine Authority Method.

The Feminine Authority Method takes you through a simple, and repeatable 5-Step process which teaches you the tools to maximize your time, deepen your inner-confidence, and re-learn body intuition so that you can make the "right" decision in the moment so that you can:

~ Feel an overall sense of well-being

~ Have body confidence

~ Feel Self-Assured

~ Choose the right partner

~ Be valued for your time and get paid what you're worth


Join me NOW inside The Bodyology Clinic's private online women's community here for the 5 steps.

You're the expert of your body and mind. When you understand how they work together you can have the life you were meant to have.

Take the first STEP in claiming your FEMININE AUTHORITY in 5 Minutes or less!

May 5, 2022
2:44am Pacific Time

The single, most powerful thing you can do, RIGHT NOW, to regain your authority

. . . is REFRAME your thoughts.

And, it can be done in 5 minutes or LESS!

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Vikki Fuhrman, BS, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, LMT #10204,

I help women across the life span claim their Sacred Feminine Authority through a combined scientific and energetic approach. When you live in your Feminine Authority you have better relationships, make more money, and experience more pleasure in a balanced life.

The problem is that stepping into Feminine Authority is incredibly challenging to do alone because we’ve spent our lives receiving messages of “put your head down and work hard so you’ll be good enough to be rewarded later.”

Well, you’ve probably figured out it doesn’t work like that.

There’s a better way. It’s why I created my simple, 5-Step Method to guide you step-by-step in claiming the power you KNOW exists within you.

Personally, and after 20 years of helping women, I’ve learned that creating true fulfillment in your life is not only doable, but inevitable through this process.

It’s time to fill your cup-- because that’s how we create a ripple effect of healing change in the world.

Reframe Your Thoughts In 5 Minutes Or Less &
Claim Your Feminine Authority

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